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Clove Coffee for Lyme

On my quest to figure out ways to manage this chronic infection I have, one simple morning act has done more for keeping my insides clean than any other: I grind cloves with my coffee beans! Bacteria and parasites hate cloves. And the coffee gives your intestines a good swift kick into many morning coffee drinkers will attest to. :) I actually use it in combination with other herbs, but as a stand-alone it's pretty powerful! It's easy enough to do: a handful of beans in the coffee grinder and add some cloves. Grind it up together fine and add the blend to your espresso pot (or whatever you use.) Then brew as usual. I actually started doing this for a tastier cup of coffee before I kept at it for my health. When I notice that my stubborn acne started clearing, and my yucky SIBO odours went away, I knew it was killing off the bad guys. There will be those who will tell me I shouldn't be drinking coffee at all, but seriously, I've had t

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